Geoff HooverChief Executive Officer

Geoff has nearly two decades of startup and entrepreneurial experience, with a focus on the biotech sector where he has rapidly scaled up operations and delivered shareholder value. He’s led and developed teams to drive exponential growth in operations, engineering and product / portfolio management. Geoff was part of Canada’s largest bitotech IPO, raising $120M, yielding a market cap of $550M, where he led the expansion from 20M lbs per annum to 250M lbs per annum over 18 months. Recently, Geoff led the product management, engineering solutions, and operations management team that introduced biopolymers into the building products market. That resulted in a nearly 200% gain of market cap over a 24-month period. He holds MBAs from both Cornell’s Johnson School of Management (USA) and Queen’s Smith School of Business (Canada), with a focus on international business.

Thrive is driven by a team of leaders, entrepreneurs and investors who have extensive experience in cannabis, biotech and consumer packaged goods.