Art BluhmFounder

Art Bluhm has successfully established and managed several companies throughout his 35+ year long career including Hermoff and The Automotive Edge, a manufacturer and distributor of automotive components in North America; Elite Manufacturing, Canada’s #1 manufacturer of chiropractic tables; Cargo Ease, an award-winning cargo drawer systems manufacturer; and most recently, Thrive Cannabis. His companies have received many accolades, such as the 2012 Sema Award and the Sema Global Media Award, whose past winners include companies such as Time Warner, Ontario Hydro, and CN Rail. For the last 10 years Art has been involved in the agricultural sector, in farming and crop production. Regardless of industry, Art has the unique ability to envision future business. That, combined with his corporate acumen, has allowed him to patent products and evolve many small businesses into flourishing global concerns with high asset values, proficient multi-level teams, and high net returns.

Thrive is driven by a team of leaders, entrepreneurs and investors who have extensive experience in cannabis, biotech and consumer packaged goods.