Thrive Cannabis is currently developing products to meet the needs of consumers across the wellness and recreational spaces.

One of the key insights derived from watching the early adopters of legal cannabis in the Canadian market is that there’s a distinct lack of top quality product. That has potential customers returning to the black market. Due to our passion and rigorous growing methodologies we’re producing the finest flower. Our brands will be positioned as premium in every aspect.

Brand is critical to our mid and long-term global strategy. We’re focusing our efforts at the intersection of the ‘Best’ price tier with two need states: Wellness and Recreational Use.


These segments are an excellent fit with Thrive’s commitment to the highest quality dried flower and dried flower offshoots, and will also prove to be the most profitable way to market our cultivation yields

The brands are also quite distinct from each other, attracting different consumers in incremental occasions. Early indicators are that our brands and product will be fan favourites in both segments.

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